Lauro Cress

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Lauro Cress was born on June 1, 1983 in Munchen, Germany. He is the youngest son of German drumming legand Curt Cress and his wife Claudia Cress. Lauro has an older brother who is into acting. His name is Maximilian Cress. Lauro also has an older sister named Anna Cress.

Lauro has been drumming since the age of four, but professionally since age fourteen.

In 1997-1999 Lauro Cress drummed for Gil Ofarim.

Gil Ofarim is from Munich, Germany. He sings in english. These are some of his singles that you can find on YouTube.

Never Giving Up Now, If You Only New (Featering The Moffatt's ) Round And Round (It Goes), Out Of My Bed, Talk To You, Walking Down The Line, It's Your Love

His band consisted of Gil Ofarim on guitar and lead vocals, Tal Ofarim on bass guitar and backing vocals, Kilian Reischl on guitar and backing vocals, Fabian Mallmann on keyboards and backing vocals, and Lauro Cress On drums. All boys are from Munchen and Munich Germany. Gil Ofarim is now the lead singer for the band Zoo Army.

1999-2000 Lauro Cress, Fabian Mallmann, and Kilian Reischl left Gil Ofarims band. They were not alound to take so many days off from school to tour. So Gil Ofarim brought in new band members to take their place. Lauro, Fabian, and Kilian decided that they didn't want to go back to Gil Ofarim's band after school. So They formed their own band. Fabian Mallmann, Kilian Reischl, and Lauro Cress did not want to be half playback bandmembers for Gil Ofarim anymore. They are real musicians who wanted to do their own stuff.

When the boys started the band they called the band Vegas. Later they added Norbert Obkircher. The boys only sang in German. The band released a single I believe is called Little Dear Or Little Love.

In 2001 The band broke up.

July of 2001 Lauro Cress was then invited to play drums for Big Jim. He replaaced Big Chris on the drums.

In 2002 Lauro leaves Big Jim to join the band Phonoboy.

Phonoboy consists of Christian Hock who was born in France, but lives in Munich, Germany. Markus (DJ Weyssi) Weissenhorn, Nina Kransel from the band Crash Tokyo, and Lauro Cress.

You can find Phonoboy on MySpace.Com and YouTube.

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