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Augsburger Rock/New Wave/Pop/Punk Band.


  • Max (Gitarre/Vocals)
  • Thomas (Bass)
  • Martin (Drums)
  • Marc A. Frank (Keyboards) (The Pelvic Fins)
  • Marc (Spezial-Percussion-Performance)


  • Axel Roem, Scottish Observer, Februar 2007

And then saturday evening, I caught the live show featuring STARTER, a sophisticated five-piece fusing Brecht/Weill with the Jam. The band call their sound Anti-pop, but it's certainly not anti-melody, with frontman Max Stumpf displaying all the attitude and style of early British guitar driven Post-punk. With their musical energy and angry young men lyrics they soon won over a young audience as they won me over. Listen out for the name Starter, you'll be hearing it everywhere soon. As the Band themselves say: Starter kommt!