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krautnoise ist ein Net- und Vinyl-Label, sowie eine Künstler-Community aus Übersee am Chiemsee.

Das Label veröffentlicht Avantgarde-Musik, (Kraut-)Noise, Elektroakustische Musik samt Nachbar- und Sub-Genres.

Zur Künstler-Community gehören außer Musikern wie dem Label-Gründer Lind Bohm, Andreas Kraus, Thomas Kleinschmitt, Angela Aux oder Franz Spencer auch Künstler aus anderen Bereichen wie die Bildermacherin Anke Merzbach, der Schauspieler Andrusch Jung und der Bildhauer Oliver Marschall.

Selbstdarstellung (warum auch immer auf englisch???)

Krautnoise was originally formed by Lind Bohm in 2007 to facilitate his releases, but now includes a wide variety of other music and arts as well, both by Bohm and a growing roster of unique artists.

Focus is on highly personalized, and emphatically original, non genre-specific songwriting, orphaned soundtracks, experimental music, photography and films. Just creating. The label does not focus on the commerciality of its music (though we certainly don‘t mind selling records), but rather looks for music of genuine passion, originality and personal commitment, regardless of “style”.

We feel that if the music meets these criteria it will naturally, with hard work, find an audience. In our business practices, we keep things very simple and straightforward, and we want as little as to do with the “Music Industry” per se as possible. We are an extremely small and compact organization, but we view this as one of our main strengths. We expend 100% of our energy and resources on everything we release. Our approach is adamantly DIY, and we have no interest in expanding beyond our means. Wherever possible we develop a personal friendship and rapport with our artists, and we view each release as a completely mutual collaboration. For extensive further info take a look around our site