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Veranstaltungsreihe im ZKMax München mit Musik, Kunst, Film und Mode ab 13.9.2007 veranstaltet von Susi Gietl, Marion Unschold und Michael Wopperer.


The Idioteque features music, art, film and fashion, alienated from their usual surroundings, brought together in a place released from its original function and opened to excess. In here the visitor himself decides what makes sense. Bands are playing behind a wall of solid glass, clothes are produced in real time, DJs and VJs intone and illustrate a party that subverts the Maximilianstrasse or simply ignores it. The Idioteque doesn't care for purpose or use, it creates space for observation and action, space to fill or space to feel.


  • 05.07.2008 - ZKMax, München - 22:00 Uhr