Andreas Troeger

aus sub-bavaria, dem Internet-Lexikon der bayerischen Subkulturen
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Andreas Troeger ist ein unabhängiger Filmemacher und Autor. Er wurde 1961 in München geboren und ist dort aufgewachsen. Nach Abschluss der Filmhochschule konnte mithilfe des Akademischen Austauschprogramms nach New York zum Studium wechseln. Seit 1992 lebt und arbeitet er nun in New York.

Der Rest muss noch übersetzt werden...

In the early nineties he collaborated with video art superstar Nam June Paik, political video and Internet activist Paul Garrin, avant-garde filmmakers such as Nick Zedd and Iara Lee (Synthetic Pleasures and Architettura) and in 2007, published his first book ANTI BIOGRAPHY.

Best known as avant-garde film and video artist, he was awarded the German-Short-Film-Award, in 1990, for Lifepak, and created plenty of controversy, in 1992, with his unique art-documentary Path, a film about pathology workers performing an autopsy and the video installation Strom, an extremely graphic depiction of missus of electric current in society.

In 1996-1998 he programmed and co-designed the Internet political art project namespace, which was designed to unstrain the Internet from special interest's control and expanded the artificial limitation of TLDs imposed on the Internet users by Network Solutions and IANA. The project was honored by the ARS Electronica.

He recently traveled to Cambodia as director of photography to shoot and edit a documentary about Robert Clark (National Geographic Photographer) using a Nokia cellphone camera to document Phnom Penh and Siam Reep (Angkor Wat).

He is currently working as an independent filmmaker, author and video editor and published his second artist-book (Which Once Are the Terrorists) a compilation of unscripted commentaries, collected from the West Bank and from around the world about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, inspired by the prospect of peace in The Middle East, collected from the author's Web installation [] from 2000 until 2007, and includes 18 digital paintings by the author.