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Band von Patrick Linsbauer und Andi Freiberger. Ihren Namen entlehnten sie einem Klassiker von Herman Melville. Der gebrochene Gesang von Patrick Linsbauer hob die Band aus der Vielzahl der in den 1980ern und 90ern entstandenen 60s-Revival-Bands heraus.


 1. „Why“ & „Japanese Jews“

(Little Teddy Recordings / Germany) 2-song 7“ (OOP)

 2. „The girl that wanted to paint the moon“ 
         b/w „I hope you have a nice day“ & „Scream like a poet“

(Perfect Pop Records / Norway) 3-song 7“ (OOP)

 3. „You´re Still Beautiful“ b/w „Time to say goodbye“ & „Little Teddy“

(Little Teddy / Germany) 3-song 7“

 4.  Diary of a youngblood

(Little Teddy / Germany) 12-song LP (OOP)

 5. „Right or Wrong“ b/w „Rock and Roll President“ & „Something going on“

(Bean Beat / Greece) 3-song 7“ (OOP)

 6. „Magical Garden“ & „It would be nice to be in your dreams tonite“ 

(Cornflake Zoo / France) 2-song 7“ (OOP)

 7.  The Barts are all square:
     „Miracles are hard to find“ & „The kids are allright“

(Farce Records / USA) 2-song 7“ (OOP)

 8.  Finally we did it!

(Little Teddy / Germany) 11-song LP (OOP)

 9. „Girl of