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Zombocombo is a monthly party in one of Munich´s most eclectic and progressive clubs, "Die Registratur". Instead of "normal" things that happen at parties (DJ and Beer), zombocombo offer you other dimensions:

Every month there is a new theme. (Previous themes were ie. : "Aerobic", "Shrink-to-fit", "Tales of Voodoo", "Beauty Contest", "A medical Congress" ...)

For the theme they prepare decoration, outfits, games, shows and performances, music and gifts for the crowd. As the audience is painfully waiting for the parties, they´ll arrive in the most freaked-out clothes and dresses, and will participate in their interactive games (such as Winning games, shows, etc)

Zombocombo is not only a theme party: It is the home for all those, who suggest uncommon dance tracks, unpretencious fun and the glorification of trash as a subculture.