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Who remembers or who saw SEAN BUCKLEY SET performing at the PN club in LeopoldStrasse Schwabing in 1965 and 1966? It would be great to hear from as many as possible as the boys (old men) are planning a visit to Munich and would to meet up or hear from dear friends of that time. Contact by e.mail: sheilasheehan@btopenworld.com matter of fact I did see them and do remember that the lead guitar was a proud Rickenbacker!

Does anyone remember THE SHELLEY? Does anyone know how to find material recorded under the label of PN?

maybe somebody..

... of you guys would like to contribute to this article? you could write some eyewitness story and we'll translate it ;-) maybe some of your olde friends stumble across this article, when we extend it this way. just write here on the discussion page what was going on there in the 60ies, mention some names, any photos? best wishes from bavaria Aka 22:06, 13. Jul 2007 (CEST)

wird demnächst verwertet...

I have many happy memories of PN club and the wonderful people we had the pleasure of meeting there. THE SEAN BUCKLEY SET. All of its members...Sean, Vince, Colin [Doc], Dave and Kevin still keep in touch although dont see one another that often as we now all live in different parts of the UK. I have many photos from those days many taken by a photographer named Ulrich Handl who used to be in the PN most nights. I also have a recording of a Munich radio broadcast from 1966 of the band. By the way the lead guitarist guitar was a cherry red Gibson 335 not a Rickenbacker I know that THE SEAN BUCKLEY SET would love to hear from anyone that new us or if anybody wants more information etc please e.mail me at sheilasheehan@btopenworld.com Attached is of picture the cover of the album recorded in 1966.

Aka 21:39, 19. Jul 2007 (CEST)