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Albert Tempel ehemals Co-Komponist, Sänger und Mitglied bei [[Generation Aldi]] ist Sänger, Songwriter, Texter, Künstler und Schauspieler.
[[Albert Tempel]] ehemals Co-Komponist, Sänger und Mitglied bei [[Generation Aldi]] ist Sänger, Songwriter, Texter, Künstler und Schauspieler.
== Projekte: ==
== Projekte: ==
1993 - 95
1993 - 95
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___02 - [[SUBMATIC]] feat. [[Albert Tempel]] - "THINK ABOUT IT"
___02 - [[SUBMATIC]] feat. [[Albert Tempel]] - "THINK ABOUT IT"
[[Albert Tempel]], former co-composer, singer and member of [[Generation Aldi]] is singer, songwriter, artist and actor.
== Projects: ==
*[[Albert Tempel]] started his activities in music by singing for different projects. Went through alot of music styles like wave, punk, soul, funk, blues and diverse electronical clubmusic styles.
1993 - 97
*Joined some collaborations for a couple of art projects like the ironic-meant "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]]", a counter event of the established and antiquated regular "Eurovision Song Contest" as aka [[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]] (1993 - 1995), a trash- "Schmalz" - filmlet named "[[Flucht nach Schlagerland]]" (1994) (director: [[Stephanie Maier]], cinematographer: [[Eddie Schneidermeier]]) with his "premium-fan", action and performance artist [[Wolfgang Flatz]] and for [[Eat Art]]-production as aka tragic singer "Barry Many Low" in "[[Virtuoso Insecure - Pearls for Liberace]]" (with [[John Henry Nyenhuis]], [[Trimpin]], [[Gordon Monahan]]) for [[Bayerische Staatsoper]]//[[Marstall]] (1997), Munich.
*[[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]] was meant and created by [[Albert Tempel]], for an artificial "Schmalz"-Schlager singer, only for "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]]", a projected "counter" Grand Prix of the regular "Eurovision Song Contest" (Grand Prix Eurovision) and three songs were created and intended as a trilogy just for these events. The yearly presentations were presented one day before the established Eurovision Song Contest (known in Germany as "Grand Prix Eurovision"). These events were also accompanied each by press and television broadcasts.
*He took part in the first three years and finished his projected "Schmalz"-Schlager trilogy in 1995.
*1993 "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1993" ("The "Genuine" Grand Prix"), song "Rosarot" (about: rosy lips, gazing at me) (succeeded position 3 by poll of jury and audience) performed by [[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]] ([[Eberhard J. Wormer]]/[[Albert Tempel]]/[[Olaf Gutbrod]]).
*1994 "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1994" ("The "Genuine" Grand Prix"), song "Ingrid" (about: "Ingrid", a woman´s name (could be also a ambiguity like "in greed")) (succeeded position 2 by poll of jury and audience) performed by [[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]] ([[Manuel Kerbl]]/[[Albert Tempel]]).
*1995 "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1995" ("The "Genuine" Grand Prix"), song "Fröhliches Herz" (about: an untroubled heart (also: easygoing/blitheful/brightly/cheery/jolly)) (achieved position 4 by poll of jury and "vainly" a "more uprated" demanded position by audience, there were vociferous protests thereupon) performed by [[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]] ([[Uli Kümpfel]]/[[Harald Kümpfel]]/[[Christina Friedmann]]/[[Albert Tempel]]).
*CD-releases with "Schmalz"-Schlager songs of [[ALBERT VAN DER ROHLE]]:
*"[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1993" (contains the song "Rosarot"), "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1994" (contains the song "Ingrid") and "[[DER WAHRE GRAND PRIX]] 1995" (contains the song "Fröhliches Herz").
*Singer/co-writer for the final song in the TV production "[[Tatort]]" - "[[Blutiger Asphalt]]" ([[ARD]]), music: [[Uli Kümpfel]]/"[[One Tongue]]".
*Singer for [[Quirin Amper jr.]] , german composer and arranger for the german version of the "[[Muppets Movie]]" cine film "[[Treasure Island]]", director: [[Brian Henson]], Producer: [[Frank Oz]] for [[Buena Vista]] ([[Warner Bros.]]), in the end titles of the movie listed with the pseudonym [[ALBERT TEMPLER]].
*Singer/co-writer for the title- and other tracks in the TV production "[[Um die 30]]" (ZDF), director: [[Ralf Hüttner]], music: [[Uli Kümpfel]]/"[[One Tongue]]".
*Singer/co-writer for some tracks in the movie production "[[Wilde Herzen]]", music: [[Uli Kümpfel]]/"[[One Tongue]]".
2002 - 06
*2002 - 2006 member / co-writer / singer of [[Generation Aldi]].
*Excerpt of performed Life Acts with [[Generation Aldi]]:
Further Vinyl/CD releases:
*2002  [[Generation Aldi]] "Tanze mit mir" (Vinyl, [[Dekathlon]] Records (founded by owner and artist [[Zombie Nation]]), published by [[Warner Chappell]]).
*2003  [[Generation Aldi]] Album Release "Mini System" (Vinyl/CD, [[Dekathlon]] Records (founded by owner and artist [[Zombie Nation]]), published by [[Warner Chappell]]).
*2004  [[Generation Aldi]] "USALDI", produced by [[Albert Tempel]] (Vinyl, [[Last Shirt]] Rec. distributed by [[Neuton]]).
*2004 collaboration with [[Jichael Mackson]] as singer songwriter for "Blow" on [[Jichael Mackson]]´s Pasta-vinyl-release "The Blowjob" ([[Pastamusik]], distributed by [[Neuton]]).
*The release gained positive reactions on professional audience during a presentation at the [[Sonar Festival]] 2004 in Barcelona. Unfortunaly the song "Blow" was never performed then, at [[Jichael Mackson]]´s live- or DJ-shows, though it´s obviously declared one of the most important tracks of the artist (by public).
*Make your own opinion by clicking the following link.
*[ [[Jichael Mackson]] feat. [[Albert Tempel]] (vocals) - BLOW]
*2005 - 2006 Casted for one of the leading parts as actor for the theatre production "[[Kanakstar]] Pt1&2", performed at the [[Münchner Kammerspiele]] and at [[Muffathalle]] Munich.
*member / singer / songwriter for [[BEATKNOWLOGISTS]] ([[MBF]]).
*2011 Releases:
*2011 (September) [[Offworld recordings]], Great Britain/Scotland/Edinburgh + Northern Ireland:
___01 - [[SUBMATIC]] feat. [[Albert Tempel]] - "LOVE YOUR TIME Ep" OFW15 (Offworld015)
*2011 (November) [[Soundtrax records]], United Kingdom:
___02 - [[SUBMATIC]] feat. [[Albert Tempel]] - "THINK ABOUT IT"
== Links: ==
== Links: ==

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Albert Tempel ehemals Co-Komponist, Sänger und Mitglied bei Generation Aldi ist Sänger, Songwriter, Texter, Künstler und Schauspieler.


1993 - 95

1995 - 97

2002 - 2006

  • Electronik-Aktivitäten:

  • Juni 2004 Exklusiv-Aufnahme, Gesang und Textdichtung für die Pasta-Vinyl-Veröffentlichung Pasta 05 Pastamusik "Jichael Mackson: The Blowjob" > Song: "Blow" (12Min.-Track), distributed by Neuton).
  • Erfreulicherweise fiel der EP-Release sehr positiv auf dem Sonar Festival 2004 in Barcelona auf, was dem Münchner Label Pastamusik erstmalig internationale Beachtung und eine wohlwollende Positionierung bescherte. Bedauerlicherweise wurde der von Fachkreisen erklärte Hit "Blow" von Jichael Mackson danach nie live, oder bei einem DJ-Set des Künstlers aufgeführt (so auch in München, Albert Tempel`s Aufenthalts- und Wohnort).
  • Die Erklärung dazu kann im nachfolgend angeführten Link (Interview mit dem Künstler Jichael Mackson) nachgelesen werden.
  • Interview Jichael Mackson: KOMMERZ - Die Zeitung für elektronische Musik
  • "BLOW" kann HIER angehört werden: Jichael Mackson feat. Albert Tempel (vocals) - BLOW



  • 2011 Veröffentlichungen:

___01 - SUBMATIC feat. Albert Tempel - "LOVE YOUR TIME Ep" OFW15 (Offworld015)


___02 - SUBMATIC feat. Albert Tempel - "THINK ABOUT IT"